How It Works

“Cask Fractions, rare whisky for everyone”

Platinum Cask is offering a unique rare whisky opportunity. We are pioneering a concept we call “Cask Fractions”. This is an opportunity for everyone to start their own cask whisky collection, with whisky from a huge variety of distilleries to choose from and for a very low price of purchase.

A Cask Fraction is a percentage of the contents of a cask. Due to the fact that as a cask ages, and its volume of spirit decreases (the angels share), the simplest way to break it down is into fractions. Each cask is broken down into a different number of fractions depending on its value to get a conformed GBP 20.00 starting value for each fraction. Simply, the more valuable the cask the more fractions will be available.

How it works!

Firstly please sign up for a membership. Depending on the level of membership you choose, you will see a range of options to choose from. Then if fractions of that particular cask are available, click on buy and complete the payment with PayPal or by credit card. We do not charge a commission or any management fees for maintaining the stock. We do take 20% of the profit from any sale of fraction whether it’s traded on our platform or we sell the cask at auction.

To learn more download our brochure for more details

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Key Advantages


Buy just a small fraction of a whole cask.


Choose from a variety of casks held in our portfolio.


We manage and look after the casks for you.


When its time to sell, we'll find a buyer.

When and how will you get your money back?

Different casks will be set with different sale dates depending on their age and the details we receive when re-gauging the cask. If the ABV% drops too low we will sell the cask. If a whisky cask goes below ABV 40% it will no longer be known as a whisky. Once a sale has gone through you will receive your money back through PayPal or as a refund to your credit card. If you are from the UK, then bank transfer will be an option.

Can I withdraw my fraction as Whisky?

Yes, you can. However, we would encourage you not to do so as it would be an impractical way of purchasing a small quantity of cask whisky to drink.
It also requires undue levels of cask handling during the maturation process and so the withdrawal fees to remove your fraction prior to the displayed sale date reflect the negative impact this action would put on the cask. If you were thinking of doing this, please read our terms and conditions on withdrawal before purchasing. If you would like to drink some nice whisky, please take a look at our bottles that we have for sale.

Why Buy Fractions?

A lot of casks are priced beyond an individual’s comfort level and even if you, with some mates decided to chip in and buy a cask as a group there is still the ‘all your eggs in one basket’ factor to consider.
With cask fractions, you can still get involved in cask stock even if you don’t have any mates.
The appreciation as a percentage is the same on a fraction as it would be on an entire cask but at an affordable price.
It makes a unique present to buy for friends and family as a gift.
You own the percentage of liquid in the cask you are buying, so worst-case scenario you can drink it.
In excess of 20% PA is possible on a small outlay of funds.
You are able to trade your fraction.

Our concept cask was a February 2009 Dalmore cask aged for 8 years. We broke it down into 200 fractions, valuing each fraction at GBP 20.00. This gave the cask a total value of GBP 4,000.00. Anyone with any whisky knowledge will know that a Dalmore cask of this age is worth considerably more. Yet we sold it at this value to demonstrate that not only could we make a profit from our Cask Fractions system but so could the Fraction owners.

We went on to sell our Dalmore Concept Cask for GBP 12,000 at auction in July 2018.

Due to the very limited number of casks that have become available for public purchasing. Before 2017 we barely saw any make it into the public eye.

One of the best places to find casks online to purchase is whisky-online auctions. In 2017 a 1995 Macallan, cask #7739, was sold for GBP 52,100.00. This was followed closely by a 1990 Macallan, cask # 4048, selling for GBP 135,100.00 and then a 1996 Macallan, cask # 15538, selling for GBP 168,300.00. This was topped in 2018 by a 1989 Macallan, cask # 1248, selling for a whopping GBP 242,200.00.

These are large numbers and similar jumps in value are possible with casks from other brands such as Bruichladdich, Ben Nevis, Dalmore, Jura, and many more. The appreciation of aged whisky is something that has gone unnoticed due to the lack of information about the asset.