Our Platinum Cask - Single Cask Releases

Bottled from our own cask collection, every release is a limited single cask bottling. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Platinum Cask - Single Cask Releases

Form our collection of both single malt and single grain whiskies we choose some of the most interesting casks to bottle as part of our single cask releases.

Our first release was a 10-year-old single grain from Invergordon this was followed shortly after with release of a 6-year-old Ardmore the premier release to our Olympians Series.

Exclusive for Members

Our exclusive single cask bottlings, are only available to Platinum Cask members. Sign up for a FREE Bronze membership to browse or purchase any of our single cask bottlings.

Selected for Their Diversity

We are always looking to add unusual and interesting casks to our portfolio and the casks we choose to bottle reflect this. Some casks although renamed have the very distinctive tastes of the distillery they were produced.

Rare & Fine Quality

Each release is limited to the number of bottles we can get from the cask uniquely highlighting the subtle differences between not just distilleries but the individual casks themselves.

Our Single Cask Releases

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