Creating A New Concept At Platinum Cask

About Platinum Cask

Platinum Cask (PC) is a new company registered in the UK. It has been set up by Louis Haseman from Fah Mai Holdings Inc. and his team. The idea of PC is to allow people to own and trade fractions of Scotch Whisky casks in affordable units.

Whisky is becoming a highly sought-after commodity. Over the years Whisky has grown and grown and what started off as an every day gentleman’s tipple has now become something only the “super-rich” can afford in meaningful quantities.

We have seen the likes of the “Platinum Whisky Fund from Hong Kong” open up with a minimum investment of USD250k.

For the likes of you and me, this is way out of our price range. I have come up with a concept that allows ordinary, everyday people, with every day amounts of expendable income, to benefit from extraordinary returns.

Our Cask

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Our Single Cask Bottlings

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Here at Platinum Cask we are aiming to make extraordinary returns available to everyone, help us make this happen for as little as £20.00”

Louis HasemenFounder & CEO
About the Platinum Cask Team

A Team Building Excellence

Platinum Cask was established by the team behind Fah Mai Holdings in 2017 as an extension of the Fah Mai Rare Whisky Collection. The Fah Mai Rare Whisky Collection is a collection of rare and collectible single malt whisky. Part of the Fah Mai collection is made up ageing whisky still in cask, this part of the collection is handled by Platinum Cask.

Platinum Casks mission is to acquire, trade and age a variety of casks from new make spirit to the most unique old and rare casks available. Platinum Cask will ultimately become the primary channel by which the Fah Mai Rare Whisky Collection will be released upon liquidation of the collection in the years to come.